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My Path of Hope 2021 Fundraising Page

Sue Davidson

Team Davidson

Thank you for visiting this page. As my daughter fights Anaplastic Oliodendroglioma, I am grateful to the CBTA for its outreach of hope, awareness, and support. She will be honored for the Path of Hope's Courage Award.

From Patti: After my craniotomy last October, I promised myself that when I am able, I will give back. I have gone through 42 simultaneous treatments of chemo and radiation and am not quite halfway into 12 more cycles of chemo.

We will be walking whatever we are able and ask that you support this great cause by giving whatever you are able.


raised of $1,000 goal

Recent Donations

1. PZPeter And Noelle Zografos
Patti and family are in our daily thoughts and prayers 🙏
3. TGTommy Guan
4. jkJulie Khouri
5. DCDanielle Canty
Continuing to pray for Pattie 💕
6. JJJoanne Johansson
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Team Davidson