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Jacob Barnes's Playing for the Cure: Brainstormin' Fundraising Page

Lisa Ancona

Lisa Ancona

I received a call recently that was just another chapter in this Jacob Barnes brain tumor story.

Jacob's amazing Neurosurgeon, Dr. Jennifer Moliterno, you know the one who just performed what is truly a miracle, well her office called to say that they presented Jacob to be honored with the “courage award” from an amazing organization called Connecticut Brain Tumor Alliance.

Jacob will be presented with this award on Thursday September 2nd at Stoney Creek Brewery in Brandford CT. Honestly, he truly deserves this award for being such a positive light for so many and the way he and his wife and daughter have just created a life that is beautiful while dealing with many challenges a a result of the traumatic brain injury and the fear we have all lived with, which this team of Dr. Moliterno’s, who we were introduced to through the brilliance of Dr. Michael DiLuna who worked with Jacob to replace his shunt, has truly eradicated.

Since this miraculous surgery and through telling this story just personally, Matt and I have had 2 aquatinted people reach out asking for the name of the neurosurgeon. So many families are affected by brain tumors. The founder of this organization is a brain tumor survivor himself.

Your love, prayers and unending support has carried us through so I do want to express very powerfully how grateful I am.


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