Making a difference in the lives of brain tumor patients and caregivers

Our mission is to provide hope and support to brain tumor patients and caregivers, while advancing brain tumor awareness, quality of care, and brain tumor research. 

We provide funding to local hospitals in the following areas: 

Patient Outreach: We connect one-on-one with brain tumor patients and their families to help take away the overwhelm of a new brain tumor diagnosis, connect patients to the resources they need, and provide hope. 

Brain Tumor Research: We support both pediatric and adult brain tumor research to improve treatment options, heighten researchers' and medical teams' understanding of brain tumors, propel brain tumor research, and provide the seed-funding for a potential cure. 

Brain Tumor Support Program: Our funds support nurse navigators and specialized medical equipment to improve patient comfort and the effectiveness of the diagnostic and treatment procedures.

Patient Assistance: We help patients and their families meet necessary living expenses like rent, electricity, and groceries. 

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